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Contract manufacturing


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Our multi-faceted Wormser team offers you the expertise and inspiration to take your product from concept to delivery on your shelf. We partner with you through conceptualization, presentation of new ideas, and financial evaluation, ensuring your product is unique and desirable in the marketplace.


  • SegmentPersonal care

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Custom manufacturing
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  • Company nameWormser
  • Legal nameWormser Corporation
  • HeadquartersEnglewood, New Jersey, USA
  • DescriptionOur family-owned company works hands-on with you as a partner and is always available. With offices in the U.S., Germany, Great Britain, and our extensive and growing network of Chinese factories, our global resources let us offer you exceptional quality, response to trends, speed to market, and affordability. We offer you capabilities in design, development, production, and filling. In addition to a wide range of standard packaging options, we can create custom-packaging, either based on your vision or by inspiring you with the best new ideas. We can guide you to quality, affordable engineering resources. We can also act as your purchasing and regulatory guide. You come in with an idea. We see possibilities.