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Contract manufacturing

Strand Cosmetics Europe

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Strand’s laboratories employ about 35 people. Staff members include biologists, chemists, pharmacists, colorists, and microbiologists whose mission is to develop innovative cosmetic approaches based on the latest scientific discoveries, in the service of beauty. The products are formulated in two independent development laboratories: one is charged with developing personal care products, while the other is devoted to make-up products. The skill sets required for these two product categories are very different. The personal care lab applies its expertise to research into innovative scientific concepts and original active ingredients with a view to meeting highly targeted and technical skin problems. The make-up lab uses the expertise of trained, practiced colorists who are able to precisely evaluate the subtle differences in shades and textures.


  • SegmentPersonal care

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  • Company nameStrand Cosmetics Europe
  • Legal nameStrand Cosmetics Europe
  • HeadquartersLyon, France
  • DescriptionFrench contract manufacturer of cosmetics, we design, formulate and industrialize care and make-up products in the respect of good manufacturing practices thanks to our quadruple certification of integrated management. STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE is a family company based in Lyon, home of chemistry and dermocosmetology industry. For more than 50 years, we support brands from formulation through to industrial production of finished products. The sales team is dedicated to you and they are here to serve you with expert advice and complete answer. They coordinate each step of your project from design through delivery. Between our wide product range and our expertise in tailored formulation, there is infinite cosmetics solutions available to you. Visionary, STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE offers you an innovative and high quality product.