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SKINEXIGENCE offers a wide range of services in the field of biometrology of the skin : non interventional clinical research adapted to specific requirements, competence in the development of measuring devices, expertise and counselling in image analysis and statistical analysis and data modeling tools. SKINEXIGENCE can provide: a panel of 2300 volunteers, skilled clinicians, innovative imaging techniques: videocapillaroscopy, colorimetry analysis, standardised digital photograhy, 3D imaging.


  • SegmentPersonal care

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In vivo testing
In vitro testing
Efficacy testing

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  • Company nameSKINEXIGENCE
  • Legal nameSKINEXIGENCE S.A.S
  • HeadquartersBesançon, France
  • Number of employees1-100
  • DescriptionSKINEXIGENCE S.A.S. was created by Sophie MAC on February 2nd, 2006, in Besançon (France), a city with a rich past, and its premises are located within the University Hospital. The company's core activity is the assessment of the efficacy of cosmetic products by innovative technology.