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Roberts Beauty

Service Description

WE'RE INVESTED IN YOUR SUCCESS Whether big or small, we'll find the right solution We partner with you to find the perfect cosmetic solution for your brand and your budget. No matter if you're a first time business owner with a grand idea or a seasoned buyer who knows exactly what they want, we'll help you find the best solution, every time.


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • ApplicationsMake up, Skin care

Specialized in

Stock packaging
Custom packaging
Glass bottles and jars
Plastic bottles and jars
Backward integration

Sample work


  • Company nameRoberts Beauty
  • Legal nameRoberts Beauty
  • HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, USA
  • DescriptionRoberts Beauty provides a full-circle approach to turning your beauty concepts into beauty’s best-sellers. We utilize our global team of packaging designers, engineers, quality specialists, regulatory experts, and account managers to oversee your projects every step of the way. Since 1979 Roberts Beauty has served as the leader in cutting-edge packaging design and formula development that always stands out from the crowd.