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proDERM Institute

Service Description

The need for scientific evidence and claims support studies resulting from these requirements is met by a large number of established study protocols which are supported either by guidelines such as those issued by the FDA, Colipa, or ISO and/or have been proven over years of practice and thus have been established by us as a standardized solution. In addition, we offer you an expansion of our existing study designs, e.g. by integrating additional parameters or by transferring to another regulatory level. We are happy to develop new study designs in keeping with your specifications and objectives. All studies are conducted under fully standardized conditions. Furthermore, you will receive a detailed interpretation of the study results with the final report.


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • ApplicationsSun care, Skin care
  • Regions activeEMEA

Specialized in

In vivo testing
Efficacy testing
Tolerability testing

Sample work


  • Company nameproDERM Institute
  • Legal nameproDERM Institut für Angewandte Dermatologische Forschung GmbH
  • HeadquartersSchenefeld, Germany
  • Number of employees100-1000
  • DescriptionWe are experts: We are specialized in studies in the fields of skin, mucosa, hair, eyes and the oral cavity. We offer solutions: We have a wide range of already established investigation procedures at our disposal, develop new study designs and are also able to cope with challenging recruitment requirements. We set benchmarks: We invest in new technologies and scientific methods, thus ensuring our competitive edge in the competition.