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Indie Beauty Delivers

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Indie Beauty Delivers exists to empower creative founders to build impactful businesses that align with their values and expertise, by unleashing the power of their personal brand and getting visible in their community. ​ From experience we understand the limitless power and potential created when you step into yourself and become a visible founder. We’ve done it ourselves and we have had the pleasure of being part of the success story of hundreds of our clients.​ Because we’ve been there we understand just how difficult it can be to step into yourself in a way that brings you joy and feels comfortable and authentic. ​​ We have been through and conquered the “I’m not an Insta ready person” worries. The “I’m a kind of behind the scenes founder” roadblock. The “I hate being the centre of attention” panic attacks. ​ We know first-hand just how uncomfortable and stressful becoming visible is. We know the struggle is real and we see you.​​ We have a 360 approach to visibility, in fact we have created the 360 Visibility Protocol, that allows you to design a personalised visibility strategy that aligns with your strengths, showcases your expertise and delivers real value to your own community day after day in way that feels good for you. ​​ The Protocol is a framework that enables you to build out systems that support the key areas of your customer life cycle; attracting new customers, selling to them, converting them and retaining them.​​ It’s a protocol that elevates your business and provides a platform to scale and achieve your dreams.


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  • Company nameIndie Beauty Delivers
  • HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
  • Number of employees1-100
  • DescriptionVisibility strategies that boost sales for indie, beauty founders