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In vitro Plant-tech

Service Description

In vitro Plant-tech develops and produces high-quality extracts and plant raw material from in vitro produced plant cells for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. Our products are sustainable, pure and of the highest quality. We can offer you client exclusive or private labelled products, cultivated and produced in our laboratory in Sweden. If you want cell line exclusivity, we can help you develop your own unique cell lines and extracts.


  • SegmentPersonal care

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  • Company nameIn vitro Plant-tech
  • Legal nameIn vitro Plant-tech AB
  • HeadquartersLimhamn, Sweden
  • DescriptionIn vitro Plant-tech is a research derived company. We are specialists in the plant cell culture technology with 20 years of experience, and have a broad knowledge within the field, as well as a global network of research and production competences. All members of our team have a background from research. We are committed, progressive and open-minded for new ideas. Our quest is to always be in the front of research, as well as to find the ultimate solutions to the requirements of our clients. The products we provide to our clients are plant extracts, dried plant raw material and fresh sterile plant cells.