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Since 2009, GLYcoDiag offers services in microbiology in order to help our customers (mainly in cosmetics field) in the research and optimisation of new actives, prebiotics, associations of compounds (synergy effect), boosters, systems preservatives and the validation of new formulations. GLYcoDiag specialized in glycobiology and microbiote services, can help you to determine the action of your product on the growth, the death, the adhesion of microorganisms and their communication with cells (human skin and/or intestinal cells)


  • SegmentPersonal care

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  • Company nameGlycodiag
  • Legal nameGlycodiag Sarl
  • HeadquartersOrléans, France
  • Number of employees1-100
  • DescriptionGLYcoDiag is a research and development company (SME) specialized in glycobiology and glycoanalysis projects and products. GLYcoDiag's technology GLYcoPROFILE® (French Trademark) is intended for the determination of interaction profiles with lectins allowing to identify "glycans signatures" on the surface of molecules or cells. Conversely, the strategy is adapted for the study of the interactions with carbohydrates binding proteins expressed by cells. This unique expertise makes GLYcoDiag the partner of choice when your project is related to “complex carbohydrates”.