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From the beginning, we differentiate ourselves by always offering new approaches for quantifying the effects of products on the skin and its cutaneous appendices: Hairs, nails, mucosa (oral nose, genital). While meeting the applicable regulation, we develop specific and innovating custom-made test protocols in order to offer you the most significant result possible that will guarantee you a true competitive edge!


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • ApplicationsHair care, Skin care
  • Countries activeFrance, Poland, Thailand, Mauritius, Tunisia

Specialized in

In vivo testing
In vitro testing

Sample work


  • Company nameEurofins-Dermscan
  • Legal nameEurofins Laboratoire Dermscan S.A.S.
  • HeadquartersVilleurbanne, France
  • Number of employees100-1000
  • DescriptionDuring 28 years, Dermscan has built a significant reputation for excellence in safety, efficacy, clinical studies and in-vitro testing, serving the cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. Eurofins is excited to strengthen its expertise in cosmetic testing in a market where the desire for safety and efficacy is among the highest in the world. Dermscan brings to Eurofins Cosmetics innovative capabilities as well as strong competences from its worldwide expert team (France, Poland, Tunisia, Thailand and Mauritius). In line with Eurofins Cosmetics’strategy to expand its leading global cosmetic testing footprint, this acquisition reinforces the position of Eurofins Cosmetics, with now on 40 state-of-the-art laboratories active in that field, across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa, offering an unmatched range of clinical, sensory, chemical, in-vitro and microbiological testing services to its clients.