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For cosmetic products, which are often used over a long period of time, dermatological testing for safety is an essential prerequisite for high application safety and customer satisfaction. By determining and evaluating reliable and reproducible biological endpoints by means of histological and biochemical analyzes, a statement about the effects of a product on regenerative biological processes of the skin can be made.


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • ApplicationsSkin care
  • Regions activeEMEA

Specialized in

In vitro testing

Sample work


  • Company nameDermatest
  • Legal nameDermatest GmbH
  • HeadquartersMünster, Germany
  • Number of employees1-100
  • DescriptionTaking your success personally – it’s a slogan we take seriously. Meeting the needs of our customers takes more than just the dermatology, biology and food chemistry ex-pertise that Dermatest GmbH boasts in abundance. We don’t just want to perform excellent work – we want our work to deliver measur-able results for ourselves and our customers. We want our test results to generate added value for our customers and, by being easily understood and traceable, to of-fer maximum transparency. This objective is instilled into our company culture, and we take it highly personally in all our dealings with our customers. In terms of quality, therefore, the most important yardstick for us is that every customer should be satis-fied with our services. This goal determines how we develop and grow as a successful company. Consequently, our quality policy is at the heart of our corporate govern-ance. Every staff member has to be familiar with these quality principles and act ac-cordingly.