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Contract manufacturing

Chemolee Lab

Service Description

Developing a new product line? Chemolee Lab Corporation can provide contract filling, blending, and branding. Partner with us for solutions that match your vision.


  • SegmentPersonal care

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Custom manufacturing
Product line development
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  • Company nameChemolee Lab
  • Legal nameChemolee Lab
  • HeadquartersTexas, USA
  • DescriptionIn 1986, the entrepreneurial spirit of an engineer, Mr. Hwansoo Lee, led to the creation of a unique organization dedicated to the most innovative beauty and skin care technology, Chemolee Lab Corporation. For over 30 years, Chemolee Lab has been the contract manufacturer that has set the standards in the Personal Care Industry. A steadfast commitment to excellence governs and guides every aspect of our company, which has helped our clients become distinguished in the industry by achieving numerous awards. As of December 2018, Chemolee Lab received certification for the ISO 9001:2015 standard for both Design & Development and Manufacturing Processes. We are also registered with the FDA, and we are excited to report that our most recent FDA audit in February of 2020 yielded no findings or observations. We look forward to demonstrating our commitment to excellence with you!