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Develop a formula? We characterize the raw materials and validate your cosmetic formula (classic or BIO). Guaranteeing a stable cosmetic product We carry out physico-chemical tests and measurements by NMR at low field in order to predict and follow the stability of your products. Know the impact of the process phases on the stability of your emulsion? We optimize the parameters of your process by low-field NMR. Find an optimal packaging for your product? We establish container / content compatibility and study possible container / content transfers. Investigate the origin of impurities? We chemically characterize trace elements and impurities and recommend areas for improvement. Evaluate the stability of your active ingredient? We chemically characterize the active ingredient and follow its possible degradation in the formula. Change your conservative system? We test the impact of different preservative systems on your formula and recommend the one that is most appropriate. Validate the specifications for certain raw materials? We analyze and validate the chemical structure of your raw materials.


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • ApplicationsFragrances, Skin care
  • Countries activeFrance

Specialized in

Stability testing
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) capabilities

Sample work


  • Company nameCerevaa
  • Legal nameCerevaa S.A.S.
  • HeadquartersMartillac, France
  • DescriptionCerevaa, contract research organization, provides industrial know-how and scientific expertise. A strengthened network of multidisciplinary researchers and engineers, as well as an own research unit are the guarantees of quality work. Its recognized expertise in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods arouses the technological interest of industrialists. Cerevaa offers research and development programs "tailor-made" and carried out with the utmost confidentiality, up to and including the transfer of new technologies to an industrial site.