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Barnet Products

Service Description

We specialize in Active Ingredients for the use in personal care products and unique System Formers inspired by East Asian trends.


  • SegmentPersonal care

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In vivo testing
In vitro testing

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  • Company nameBarnet Products
  • Legal nameBarnet Products LLC
  • HeadquartersEnglewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA
  • Number of employees1-100
  • DescriptionBarnet Products is a global company that was established in 1987 with a commitment to finding, developing, and presenting fashionable new concepts, ingredients, and systems to our customers. Our main focus is on conceptual active ingredients tested in vivo or in vitro. We also offer a line of innovative “System Formers” from Japan. These products demonstrate appealing properties that focus on East Asian textures and offer new marketing opportunities. These specialty ingredients are developed exclusively for Barnet and our customers.