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Contract manufacturing

Apollo Health and Beauty

Service Description

We take pride in our excellent service. Superior product development and service commitment are the hallmarks of successful programs currently enjoyed by consumers in fifteen countries on four separate continents. We measure the quality, value and creativity of our products through the sales results and profit performance of our business partners. The progressive, innovative, and knowledgeable Retailer / Distributor is our best customer. The product packaging, logos and trademarks represented in pictures throughout this website may belong to customers of Apollo. We acknowledge and appreciate our cherished customers whose dedication and loyalty to the effort of developing superior quality and value for their marketplace is the foundation of the success we share.


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • ApplicationsHair care, Skin care
  • Regions activeLATAM, EMEA, NORAM

Specialized in

White label products
Private label products
Formulation capabilities


  • Company nameApollo Health and Beauty
  • Legal nameApolloCorp, Inc.
  • HeadquartersToronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Number of employees100-1000
  • DescriptionApollo Health and Beauty Care is the largest Private Label and Control Label Personal Care Manufacturer in Canada. Apollo Health and Beauty Care has formidable penetration and distribution in the North American marketplace. Apollo also services customers throughout Central and South America, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.