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Nano titanium dioxide dispersion

Shanghai Kingpowder


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • FunctionOther

Ingredient Description

The advantage of NanoT nano titanium dioxide dispersion: Excellent UV screener, The same titanium dioxide content of Nano T titanium dioxide dispersion contribution on SPF value is far higher than that of titanium dioxide powder. High transparency, easy to spread on the skin and not whitening. The micro size evenly dispersed completely. Simplified formula and process. Can be customized different content、different dispersion medium of titanium dioxide dispersion.


  • Company nameShanghai Kingpowder
  • Legal nameShanghai Kingpowder Fine Chemistry Co., Ltd.
  • HeadquartersShanghai
  • DescriptionShanghai Kingland was founded in 2004, with ten years in the profound accumulation of powder in cosmetics research and application, we have developed high, medium and low-end foundation base material, Nano-titanium dioxide and dispersion, a variety of talc powder, titanium dioxide, mica, more than 200 kinds of cosmetic powder products, is proud of the industry as "cosmetic powder expert".
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