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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameCera Microcristallina, Paraffin
  • CAS numbers63231-60-7, 64742-51-4
  • Sustainability claimsClean, Safe
  • FunctionThickeners, Waxes
  • ApplicationsCosmetics, Creams, Decorative cosmetics, Lip balms, Lip care, Lipsticks, Lotions, Make-up
  • Chemical groupWaxes
  • Physical propertiesHydrophobic, Oil soluble, Solid at STP
  • AppearanceSolid
  • ColorsWhite
  • GHS classificationNot applicable

Ingredient Description

Paracera® M is the most versatile wax in our range. Formulated with a well-balanced proportion of straight and branched chain hydrocarbon waxes. The product has consistency regulating and gel forming properties. Due to good absorption of mineral and vegetable oils, stable and fine crystals are formed.


  • Company nameParamelt
  • Legal nameParamelt B.V.
  • HeadquartersHeerhugowaard, The Netherlands
  • Number of employees100-1000
  • DescriptionFounded in 1898, Paramelt B.V. has almost 120 years of experience and today is a global producer of wax blends, adhesives and specialty dispersions. Operating from production sites in the Netherlands, UK, USA and China we work together in a team of more than 400 employees around the world. In most of our core applications Paramelt is the acknowledged market leader.
  • WebsiteCompany website