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Citric Acid is a naturally occurring weak acid commonly found in lemons, oranges, limes and other citrus fruit. Citric acid is also produced as a by-product of the citric acid cycle during metabolism in living organisms. It is a natural preservative and added to food producing an acidic or sour taste. Citric acid is widely used as an acidulent in creams, gels, and liquids of all kinds. Citric Acid Properties: At room temperature citric acid appears as a white or clear crystalline solid. It melts at 156C and boils as 310C. Citric Acid will dissolve in water; this process is endothermic and reduces the latent temperature of the water as the entropy increases. The molecular formula for Citric Acid (anhydrous) is C6H8O7. Applications for Citric Acid: Bath Bombs: Citric Acid can be used with Sodium Bicarbonate to produce an effervescent compound forming the basis for any bath bomb. Cosmetics: Citric Acid is used as a pH adjusting agent in cream and gels. Home Brewing: Citric Acid is used in the home brewing process to provide flavour. De-scaler: Citric Acid is an excellent chelating agent helping to bind metals. It can be used to removed scale / lime-scale from kettles, boilers and evaporators. Citric Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid and is the active ingredient in most chemical peels. Citric Acid is one of the active ingredients in the production of some antiviral tissues.


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