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Jojoba Seed Oil Golden, Cold Pressed Organic



  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameSimmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
  • CAS numbers90045-98-0
  • FunctionOther
  • ColorsGolden
  • OriginSimmondsia Chinensis

Ingredient Description

An oil that has saved many a whale life! O&3 presents Jojoba Seed Oil Golden, Cold Pressed Organic. Jojoba itself was originally introduced into the market as a replacement to sperm whale oil. The incredible story of this oil is that the spectacular sperm whales were once harvested (killed) for its spermaceti wax content. The introduction of Jojoba established it carried similar, if not better properties, saving the lives of multiple whales. The oil is a non greasy lubricator; best served in hair & skin care products and more natural product ranges such as for babies. A super hair strengthener delivering shine. A superb emollient, the oil works perfectly on its own directly on the skin. So much so, research has established that Jojoba Oil absorbs so well it can reach the corneal layer via the follicle wall, oils do not absorb much better than this.


  • Company nameO&3
  • Legal nameO&3 - The Oil Family
  • HeadquartersRipon, North Yorkshire, England
  • Number of employees1-100
  • DescriptionO&3 has a unique family dynamic that comes from a wealth of experience across a rapidly changing personal care and food market. This exciting venture is founded upon an absolute passion for providing the finest natural ingredients.
  • WebsiteCompany website