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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • Performance claimsAnti-acne, Anti-ageing, Anti-body odour, Anti-cellulite, Anti-dandruff, Anti-dark circles, Anti-frizz, Anti-hairloss, Anti-inflammation, Anti-irritation, Anti-oily skin, Antioxidants, Breath-freshening, Brightening, Cleansing, Collagen increasing, Detoxification, Exfoliating, Firming, Hair conditioning, Hair growth, Hair protection, Hair repair, Hair styling, Improve skin barrier function, Moisturising, Reduces appearance of pores, Reduces dark circles, Skin conditioning, Skin repair, Smoothing, Toning, UV protection, Water resistant
  • FunctionActive ingredients, Anti-fungal agents, Anti-irritant agents, Antioxidants, Colourants, Effect ingredients, Emollients, Emulsifiers, Formulation bases, Fragrance ingredients, Gelling agents, Humectants, Lytic agents, Oxidizing agents, Plant extracts, Preservatives, Protectants, Solubilizers, Solvents, Surfactants, Thickeners
  • ApplicationsCakes, Capsules, Cleansers, Emulsions, Essences, Flakes, Fragrances, Fresheners, Lip care, Liquid soaps, Lotions, Masks, Moisturisers, Mousse, Powders, Scrubs, Serums, Shampoos, Sheet mask, Sprays & mists, Toners, Tonic
  • Chemical groupAlcohols, Aldehydes, Amines, Carbohydrates, Esters, Ethers, Flavonoids, Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Peptides, Phenols

Ingredient Description

Widely marketed as a weight-loss supplement, the fiber from konjac root, also known as glucomannan, appears to have some other medicinal properties of interest. These include the ability to inhibit absorption of cholesterol and glucose by the gastrointestinal system, as well as strong laxative effects. Glucomannan absorbs large quantities of water, helping to give weight-loss candidates a feeling of fullness and thus reducing their appetite for more food.Konjac powder can be applicated in pharmaceutical,food additive industry.


  • Company nameNaturalin
  • Legal nameNaturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd
  • HeadquartersChangsha City, Hunan Province, China
  • Number of employees51-200
  • DescriptionNaturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd is a botanical/plant extracts manufacturer and natural ingredient solutions provider located in China, integrated with scientific R&D, industrial production, and trade business with more than 12 years of experience. It strives to identify, develop, and produce activity ingredients from natural botanical extracts for use in beverage, health food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. It also develops natural ingredient solutions in collaboration with its customers and partners. Naturalin makes contributions to the modernization and internationalization of Chinese Herb Medicine and the causes of human health. Its products are certificated by ISO, Kosher, HACCP, IFANCA Halal, MUI Halal, Ecocert, as well as standard experimental and testing laboratories.
  • WebsiteCompany website