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chilli-capsicum cellular extract

Native Extracts


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameCapsicum annuum Fruit Extract
  • Performance claimsAntioxidants, Anti-frizz, Hair conditioning, Smoothing, Skin bleaching, Brightening, Anti-inflammation, Firming, Skin repair, Moisturising
  • FunctionPlant extracts
  • ApplicationsShampoos, Emulsions, Roll-ons, Towelettes, Souffles, Lip care, Mousse, Lotions, Moisturisers, Masks, Scrubs, Capsules, Sprays & mists, Gels & jellies, Conditioners, Perms or relaxants, Creams, Balms, Clays & muds, Sheet mask, Essences, Waters, Glosses, Styling agents, Polishes, Strips & patches, Liquid soaps, Foams, Pumps, Toners, Milks, Pastes & putties, Cleansers, Serums
  • Usage levelConcentrate: 0.5 - < 1.0% Dilution 1:10: < 5.0% Add at end / cooling phase, < 40C
  • OriginCapsicum Annuum

Ingredient Description

NATIVE EXTRACTS' innovation in CELLULAR EXTRACTION delivers the first 'True to Nature' extracts, delivering full plant profiles of water-soluble phyto-actives, as they exist in nature - potent, active, synergistic and bio-available.


  • Company nameNative Extracts
  • Legal nameNATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd.
  • HeadquartersAlstonville, Australia
  • Number of employees2-10
  • DescriptionNATIVE EXTRACTS has evolved the botanical extract from inferior macerated/percolated and synthetically standardised extracts to full plant profiles of phyto-compounds through Cellular Extraction. Introducing this world breakthrough in 2012 of harnessing active, natural molecules in their water-soluble entourage (including the first natural Vitamin C molecule in an aqueous format for extended periods), has had enormous impacts on the evolution of the botanical extract and profile of natural ingredients. We address the conscious consumer’s demand for greater traceability, transparency, and eco-sustainability by accessing the power of nature, providing new tools for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industry. Leveraging the success of Cellular Extracts for topical application, NATIVE EXTRACTS is now poised to release new nutrient dense, full flavour super concentrates to the nutraceutical and food/beverage markets in early 2020, at ratios never seen before. With years of unprecedented research of over 70 Australian species and delivering new insights into profiles of traditional botanical species, NATIVE EXTRACTS is the leader in True to Nature extracts and is the driving force behind the global interest in A-beauty, opening up Australia’s untapped reservoir of phyto-activity for new product development and consumer experiences, naturally.
  • WebsiteCompany website