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Microscrub® 100PC

Micro Powders


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • FunctionExfoliants

Ingredient Description

Microscrub products are high molecular weight polyethylene powders designed for use as non-irritating scrub and exfoliating agents. Microscrubs are available in a wide selection of particle size distributions that allow the formulator greater flexibility in controlling the degree of abrasiveness and scrubbing action that is desired. Microscrub 100PC is characterized by its irregular particle shape which provides a higher degree of abrasion than a spherical particle shape. The particle size has been carefully controlled with a maximum particle size of 100 mesh (150microns).


  • Company nameMicro Powders
  • Legal nameMicro Powders, Inc.
  • HeadquartersTarrytown, NY, USA
  • DescriptionAt Micro Powders, we design and manufacture innovative specialty micronized waxes to help chemists and formulators achieve the performance demands that they require in their new products. Whether it's pressed or loose powders, exfoliating washes, color cosmetics, creams, lotions, sunscreens or other personal care applications, our waxes can add just the right flow, texture and feel to give your products the winning touch. Micro Powders produces the finest synthetic, polyethylene, PTFE, Polylactic acid, polypropylene and natural waxes, and use these materials to create distinctive micronized wax products and specialized blends. Our specialty micronized wax additives are designed to enhance the aesthetics of both color cosmetics and skin care formulations.
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