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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI namePolyquaternium-39
  • Performance claimsHair conditioning, Skin conditioning
  • FunctionSurfactants
  • ApplicationsDeodorants, Shampoos
  • Usage level1.0-4.0%
  • Chemical groupPolymers
  • Chemical propertiesAmphoteric
  • Physical propertiesLiquid at STP
  • AppearanceLiquid
  • ColorsClear, Yellow

Ingredient Description

Dapracare® PQ39 is Italmatch tradename for Polyquaternium-39, a terpolymer with limited buildup, compatible with anionic and amphoteric surfactants. It is mainly used as conditioning agent in formulations with extreme pH. Can be preserved with parabens or sodium benzoate upon request. Benefits: • Soft, silky hair and skin feel. Allow to formulate rich, creamy foam shampoos and cleansing products • Provides excellent slip, lubricity and improved wet combability • Adds sheen to dry hair, reduces static, helps hold curls without flaking • Imparts excellent dry combability, hair softness and wet hair feel during washing, rinsing and after rinsing • Provides superior conditioning properties for products with extreme pH ranges • Excellent skin moisturization • Contributes lubricity which can help make skin care products easier to apply • Reduces irritation from liquid skin cleansing products


  • Company nameItalmatch
  • Legal nameItalmatch Chemicals S.p.A.
  • HeadquartersGenova, Italy
  • DescriptionItalmatch is a leading innovative Chemical Group, specialized in Performance Additives for the Lubricant, Plastics, Water & Oil markets. We have a wide range of Specialty Chemicals to satisfy most demanding applications, including Personal Care.
  • WebsiteCompany website