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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • FunctionAntioxidants, Emollients
  • ApplicationsOils

Ingredient Description

Pomegranate seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the pomegranate tree fruit (Punica granatum) that mainly grows in the Mediterranean coast region. The oil is inside the kernel in the center of each little seed with characteristic red color. Oil contents is about 7-15% in dry seed. Pressed quality is the main oil presentation with typical yellow to orange color. Pomegranate oil has a high content in punicic fatty acid up to 85%, highly unsaturated and characteristic of this oil.


  • Company nameInterfat
  • Legal nameInterfat S.A.
  • HeadquartersBarcelona, Spain
  • DescriptionINTERFAT has been supplying natural oils and derivatives to our customers for over 40 years. We have thus become pure specialists in this kind of raw materials, used in many industries and in a wide range of product areas. The company began operating in 1977 in Barcelona, importing from factories located in the crop areas of Asia, Africa, America and Europe and over the last several years, we have been in a process of internationalization to expand and diversify our market throughout the European territory. Nowadays, INTERFAT makes up part of a solid family group that has a great reputation in the field of distributing raw materials.
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