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  • SegmentHome care
  • IUPAC nameSulfonic Acids, Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acids, ALKYLBENZENE SULFONIC ACID
  • FunctionEmulsifiers, Detergents
  • ApplicationsHand dishwashing soap, Hand dishwashing liquid, Industrial cleaning, Vehicle care, Hard surface care, Hand dishwashing powder
  • Chemical groupSulfuric acid & derivatives

Ingredient Description

SULFONIC 100 is an emulsifier intermediate for detergents in household and I&I cleaners and agricultural formulations. Alkali metal salts are water soluble. Amine salts are oil soluble.


  • Company nameStepan Company
  • Legal nameStepan Company
  • HeadquartersNorthfield, IL, USA
  • Number of employees2000
  • DescriptionStepan is a major global manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in a broad range of industries. Although Stepan is classified with other specialty chemical companies, it is unique in the industry and does not have a competitor or competitors to precisely match its businesses because its products have a specific focus.
  • WebsiteCompany website