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  • SegmentHome care
  • IUPAC nameAlkyl Sulfates, Sulfates, SODIUM ALKYL (C10-16) SULFATE
  • FunctionAnionic surfactants, Detergents
  • ApplicationsHand dishwashing soap, Hand dishwashing liquid, Industrial cleaning, Hand dishwashing powder
  • Chemical groupAlkyl sulfates

Ingredient Description

STEPANOL LCP is an anionic surfactant providing excellent detergency, high foam and low cloud point. It finds application in shampoos, bubble baths, dishwashing detergents, general cleaners, carpet shampoos and upholstery cleaners.


  • Company nameStepan Company
  • Legal nameStepan Company
  • HeadquartersNorthfield, IL, USA
  • Number of employees2000
  • DescriptionStepan is a major global manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in a broad range of industries. Although Stepan is classified with other specialty chemical companies, it is unique in the industry and does not have a competitor or competitors to precisely match its businesses because its products have a specific focus.
  • WebsiteCompany website