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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • FunctionOther

Ingredient Description

PROTECTIVE CELL WALL LIPID EXTRACT OF HALOARCHAEA, HALOTEK exclusively produce unique natural lipids of cell walls extracted from Haloarchaea. These extraordinary lipids are unique among all known living organisms and possess high stability against strong oxidative stress, UV radiation, hydrolysis and heat. These striking features make lipids of Haloarchaea very useful for use in skin care formulation of various type. For extraction of HALOLIPIDS, we established a process, based on high pressure and fluid carbon dioxide to constantly ensure high quality of lipids and co-extracted lipophilic compounds, like natural squalene. NEXT LEVEL LIPOSYSTEM TECHNOLOGY, Based on HALOLIPIDS, HALOTEK developed a process to generate highly stable Liposomes for use in personal care formulations. Please contact us to discover our new Liposystem Technology and possible application for your formulation project.


  • Company nameHalotek
  • Legal nameHalotek UG (limited liability)
  • HeadquartersLeipzig, Germany
  • DescriptionWe believe that natural biomaterials from extreme environments could make a major contribution in creating sustainable products of tomorrow in order to replace petrochemicals and synthetic compounds. Transforming such extraordinary natural sources into products still remains a huge challenge… until now.
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