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  • SegmentPersonal care
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Ingredient Description

Glycerol formal is a monovalent alcohol, linked with a cyclic ether group. Owing to these two chemical groups of different polarity the molecule shows high affinity to polar as well as to less polar or even up to non-polar substances. As an outstanding property in this sense the complete miscibility with water may be mentioned. For these reasons glycerol formal is especially qualified for the use as solvent for very miscellaneous applications. The most important industrial applications will be found in colours and varnishes, printing inks, adhesives, pesticides, detergents and cleaning agents or metal cleaners. But beside its function as a plain solvent glycerol formal can exhibit discrete lacquer-forming properties like retardation of drying or film formation. Glycerol formal is being used for years by pharmacists and veterinarians particularly as carrier or enhancer for active ingredients. The alcoholic hydroxyl functionality of the molecule allows for the participation as building block in many reactions. Within condensation reactions causing the release of water glycerol formal is being incorporated into polyesters, polyurethanes, polyacrylates, polyethers et cetera, accompanied by very distinct modification of their properties. The reaction with anhydrides and acids will yield esters. Results of our lab experiments addressing the characterisation of this substance are available on request.


  • Company nameGlaconchemie
  • Legal nameGLACONCHEMIE GmbH
  • HeadquartersMerseburg, Germany
  • DescriptionThe core competence of GLACONCHEMIE is producing high quality pharmaceutical and technical glycerin as well as the development of their follow-up products. In our resource-efficient production process, high quality kosher glycerin arises purely from organically grown raw materials, such as rapeseed, sunflower or soy
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