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COSMI 8832 Super Red Kylin

Fujian Kuncai


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameCI 77491 (Iron(III) Oxide), Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (Synthetic mica)
  • CAS numbers12003-38-2, 1309-37-1, 1317-61-9
  • Performance claimsGlow effect, Illuminating, UV protection
  • Sustainability claimsSafe
  • FunctionPigments, UV filters
  • ApplicationsCosmetics, Decorative cosmetics
  • Chemical groupMetal oxides, Minerals
  • Physical propertiesSolid at STP
  • AppearancePowder
  • ColorsRed
  • Certifications
    • China-approved

Ingredient Description

model:COSMI8832. Particle size:50-250μm. Characteristic: Super Red Kylin. A red kylin color, free flowing powder with a sparkle metal luster. Kuncai is the leading pearlescent pigment supplier for cosmetics in Asia and the primary supplier to several world renowned cosmetic industries globally. The cosmetic series is monitored by ICP testing to ensure safety, stability, and sterility. Our cosmetic line incorporates UV protection that guarantees quality purity, whiteness, gloss, color, brightness, transparency, smoothness, compression, and adhesion of our material. Sustainable synthetic mica substrate proposed by Kuncai. Lower heavy metal contents below strictest cosmetic requirements. Easy formulated. Highly suitable for color cosmetics, Raw matirials follow FDA, REACH, regulations of China and Japan.