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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameCalophyllum inophyllum
  • Sustainability claimsGreen
  • FunctionColourants
  • OriginCalophyllum Inophyllum

Ingredient Description

Calophyllum inophyllum is a large evergreen, commonly called Alexandrian laurel balltree,beach calophyllum,beach touriga,beautyleaf,Borneo-mahogany,Indian doomba oiltree,Indian-laurel,laurelwood,red poon,satin touriga,and tacamahac-tree. C. inophyllum is a low-branching and slow-growing tree with a broad and irregular crown. It usually reaches 8 to 20m (26 to 66 ft) in height. The flower is 25mm (0.98 in) wide and occurs in racemose or paniculate inflorescences consisting of four to 15 flowers. Flowering can occur year-round, but usually two distinct flowering periods are observed, in late spring and in late autumn. The fruit (the ballnut) is a round, green drupe reaching 2 to 4cm (0.79 to 1.57 in) in diameter and having a single large seed. The fruit is wrinkled and its color varies from yellow to brownish-red when ripens.


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  • Legal nameEcoarts Enterprise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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  • DescriptionEcoarts Enterprise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in developing and importing & exporting natural plant raw materials. In recent years, it gets a great progress in steady supply chain and sustainable development by its persistent efforts. It has established closely cooperation with excellent factories and plantation all over the world. Ecoarts core team has visit many countries and regions to investigate and in order to guarantee the quality it has scientifically made a policy to control the quality that is source-control. It pays much attention to every detail during the growth process of plants such as field growing, plantation management, harvesting and transportation, production and processing as well as storage and inspection, etc.
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