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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameSucrose Tetraisostearate
  • Performance claimsAnti-irritation, Moisturising, Soothing
  • FunctionEmulsion stabilisers, Humectants, Rheology modifiers, Spreading agents
  • ApplicationsLip care, Sun Protection
  • Chemical groupEsters
  • Physical propertiesLiquid at STP
  • AppearanceLiquid
  • Certifications
    • China-approved

Ingredient Description

Crodesta™ 4-IS is a sucrose ester of fatty acid derived from sucrose and vegetable derived isostearic acids. It is a liquid-type hygroscopic sugar ester. It increases moderately the viscosity of cosmetic formulations.


  • Company nameCroda
  • Legal nameCroda International Plc
  • HeadquartersSnaith, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • DescriptionIn order to meet the needs of our customers, address market trends and continually grow; a commitment to sustainable innovation runs through every aspect of our business, from the ingredients we make and the way we operate, to the natural, renewable materials we use. We are continually challenging ourselves to capture leading-edge technologies, knowledge and expertise and building rich patent portfolios.
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