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Optiphen™ PO preservative



  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI namePhenoxyethanol
  • CAS numbers122-99-6
  • Performance claimsAnti-microbial
  • FunctionPreservatives
  • ApplicationsHair care, Skin care, Towelettes
  • Usage level1.0%
  • Physical propertiesLiquid at STP
  • AppearanceLiquid
  • ColorsClear, Yellow

Ingredient Description

Optiphen™ PO preservative is approved for use in all major markets, compatible with a variety of formulations and not based on paraben, formaldehyde or halogens. Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold, it offers excellent heat stability, works across a wide pH window and is easily solubilized in water. Optiphen PO preservative is available in both NA and EMEA. Wide pH 3 to 10. Global use, usually in combination with other actives. Applications: Hair Care Leave-On ++ Hair Care Rinse-Off ++ Skin Care Leave-On ++ Skin Care Rinse-Off ++ Wet Wipes ++


  • Company nameAshland
  • Legal nameAshland Inc.
  • HeadquartersCovington, Kentucky, USA
  • Number of employees1000+
  • DescriptionAshland is a premier global specialty materials company serving customers in a wide range of consumer and industrial markets, including adhesives, architectural coatings, automotive, construction, energy, food and beverage, nutraceuticals, personal care and pharmaceutical. At Ashland, we are approximately 4,600 passionate, tenacious solvers – from renowned scientists and research chemists to talented engineers and plant operators – who thrive on developing practical, innovative and elegant solutions to complex problems for customers in more than 100 countries.
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