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Cedarwood Atlas Essential oil Morocco

Albert Vieille


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameCedrus atlantica wood oil
  • FunctionOther
  • ApplicationsCosmetics
  • OriginCedrus Atlantica

Ingredient Description

The Atlas cedar, a monumental and majestic tree, can grow 40 meters high and over two meters in diameter. The pyramidal shape it takes on when younger changes as the tree ages. Over time, the heavy branches extend horizontally, forming a tree with a flattened top. Cedar has evergreen foliage of dark-green to bluish needles arranged in dense rosettes on short stems. The purportedly rot-impervious wood exudes a delicate, resinous fragrance and is the source of the extracted essential oil. The Atlas cedar is a protected species. The wood used to produce the essential oil comes exclusively from Moroccan sawmills. These businesses, which focus on manufacturing furniture, provide sawdust and trunk shavings for distillation. Atlas cedar essential oil is mild and woody, with warm and animalic facets. Native to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and Algeria, Cedrus atlantica spread into North Africa and France. Three major species of cedar are used in perfumery: Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana), Texas cedar (Juniperus mexicana), and Atlas cedar. Of these, only the Atlas cedar is a “real” cedar from the Pinaceae family, while others belong to the juniper family. Around since biblical times, the legendary majestic cedar has survived millennia (with a lifespan of up to 2,000 years). The tree is associated with the three great monotheistic religions: for the Jewish faithful, it was the timber used for the Temple of King Solomon in Jerusalem; for Christian believers, it is a holy tree; and for the Muslims, it is the pure wood. According to the Scriptures, Arz el-Rab “cedar of God,” is the only tree that was planted by God’s hands.


  • Company nameAlbert Vieille
  • Legal nameAlbert Vieille, SAS.
  • HeadquartersVallauris, France
  • Number of employees51-200
  • DescriptionAlbert Vieille SAS is a leading producer and international provider of 100% guaranteed pure and natural of essential oils and aromatic raw materials for perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and food industries. Purity and naturalness of its products are guaranteed by systematically performing physicochemical, chromatographic, and olfactory controls in its quality-control laboratory. It thereby supplies top-quality essential oils that meet AFNOR, ISO, and European and French pharmacopoeia standards, ensuring consistent analytic and olfactory quality for its customers. It has also developed its own in-house, quality-assurance framework, particularly to address materials not yet standardized, to guarantee that every single product it offers meets the exacting quality criteria.
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