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Ajinomoto (formerly: Takara Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameDibutyl Ethylhexanoyl Glutamide
  • CAS numbers861390-34-3
  • FunctionGelling agents
  • ApplicationsGels & jellies
  • Usage level0.5-5%
  • Chemical groupAmides
  • Chemical propertiesHydrophobic
  • AppearancePowder

Ingredient Description

Gelling Agents EB-21 are highly effective oil gelling substances based on the amino acid, L-Glutamic acid. They work in synergy with one another to form highly transparent gels in a variety of different types of oils. They allow the creation of unique and innovative aesthetically-pleasing products.


  • Packaging info
    1kg Carton. 15kg Carton


  • Company nameAjinomoto
  • Legal nameAjinomoto Healthy Supply Co., Inc.
  • FormerlyTakara Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • HeadquartersKyobashi Chuo-Ku, Japan
  • Number of employees51-200
  • DescriptionAjinomoto is a pioneer of amino-acid-based personal care products, with unrivaled experience in this field. As the sole domestic agent for Ajinomoto’s extensive range of personal care products, AHS has been providing ingredients having characteristic functions for a long time and contact the production of safe, people-and environment-friendly amino-acid-based cosmetics. When it comes to amino-acid-based personal care ingredients, AHS offers an extensive range of not only Ajinomoto products, but also Nihon Emulsion products and its own in-house products. It performs contract production of an extensive range of amino-acid-based cosmetics and cosmeceuticals with the concept of providing cosmetics that are safe, people-and environment-friendly in the market.
  • WebsiteCompany website