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ViaPure® Andrographis

Actives International


  • SegmentPersonal care
  • INCI nameAndrographis paniculata leaf extract
  • Performance claimsAnti-dark circles, Anti-irritation, Skin bleaching, Reduces dark circles
  • FunctionActive ingredients
  • Usage level0.1 - 0.2%
  • OriginAndrographis Paniculata

Ingredient Description

Andrographolide, an active component in Andrographis paniculata leaves, is a novel compound that offers an alternative approach to reducing allergenic inflammation and sting responses by inhibiting Platelet Activating Factor (PAF). Andrographilide also provides potent protection against oxidative stress by increasing superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase levels, while protecting glutathione levels and inhibiting the expression of iNOS. It is known to inhibit ROS production, lipid peroxidation and nitric oxide levels. Vasoconstriction properties make Andrographolide useful in products designed to reduce under-eye darkness. ViaPure Andrographis, a highly purified form of andrographilide, is recommended for sensitive skin because it has been shown to very effectively reduce the production of isoprostane-8 (PGF2), one of a group of compounds associated with oxidant-induced cell damage and the induction of mediatiors that lead to chronic inflammation. Endothelin-1 (ET-1) is a messenger that has a role in melanocyte proliferation and migration, melanogenisis, and dendrite formation. ViaPure Andrographis inhibits the release of ET-1 from keratinocytes, and has been shown to lighten skintone more efficiently than kojic acid. A combination of ViaPure Andrographis and ViaPure Licorice White 97 was more effective than either ingredient used alone.


  • Company nameActives International
  • Legal nameActives International, LLC
  • HeadquartersAllendale, New Jersey, USA
  • Number of employees11-50
  • DescriptionActives International captures the power of active compounds from the plant, marine, and bio-fermentation sources, to provide powerful solutions for personal care problems. It focuses on optimizing natural products chemistry with a strong understanding of skin biology. It helps its customers tap the full potential of Nature by offering the most potent biomolecules available. Its ViaPure® brand extracts are developed using modern extraction technologies that provide active compounds free of impurities (such as color, odor, and contaminants) that can have negative effects. All its products undergo thorough testing to confirm their safety and efficacy. It also partners with and represents companies around the world who are equally committed to the quality and performance of their products.
  • WebsiteCompany website