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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • Performance claimsUV protection, Water resistant
  • FunctionUV filters, Emollients
  • ApplicationsOils, Sun Protection, Waters

Ingredient Description

AakoSun OCR is better known as Octocrylene. It is an organic, oil-soluble sun filter that mainly absorbs UV-B radiation. Also provides protection against short UV-A radiation, which is a significant cause of skin cancer and ageing. Octocrylene is being used in a wide range of cosmetic products to provide an appropriate Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in sunscreens or to protect cosmetics against UV radiation. Approved for the use in sun care preparations in many countries worldwide. Octocrylene is particularly suitable for water-resistant formulations, as it is hydrophobic and miscible with many emollients. Combine with other oil-soluble UV filters such as AakoSun OTZ or AakoSun BEMT to provide an higher SPF. Octocrylene is also known under the names Octocrilene, 2-ethylhexyl 2-cyano-3 and 3-diphenylacrylate. AakoSun OCR is available in the following packaging types: Must been stored in a closed container under dry, cool conditions. Has a minimum shelf life of 3 years under appropriate conditions of storage.


  • Company nameAako
  • Legal nameAako, B.V.
  • HeadquartersLeusden, The Netherlands
  • Number of employees11-50
  • DescriptionAt AAKO we have been trading specialty chemicals for various applications since 1945. Dedicated teams with clear responsibilities manage a closely balanced portfolio and maintain a thorough and meticulous way of operating. Showing expertise in sales and marketing, logistics and regulatory affairs. That is what we call Chemical Excellence.
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