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  • SegmentPersonal care
  • Performance claimsAnti-irritation, Smoothing, Tanning, Soothing, Moisturising
  • Sustainability claimsGentle
  • FunctionActive ingredients, Stabilizers, Rheology modifiers, Emollients
  • ApplicationsShampoos, Sticks, Gels & jellies, Conditioners, Lip care, Cosmetics, Moisturisers

Ingredient Description

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aako Aloe Vera 10X) has a high content of actives. It has beneficial properties for skin soothing and moisturizing of the skin. Aloe Vera is used in products as sun tan cosmetic, lip sticks, shampoos etc. The fresh leafs are cut and the gel is unhinged. A technically elaborated, gentle method wich concentrates, filters and stabilises the gel. Aako Aloe Vera can be obtained as 1X, 10X, 10X citric acid free and 200x grades. Store under dry conditions in full tightly closed containers. Minimum shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacturing when kept in closed container and away from heat.


  • Company nameAako
  • Legal nameAako, B.V.
  • HeadquartersLeusden, The Netherlands
  • Number of employees11-50
  • DescriptionAt AAKO we have been trading specialty chemicals for various applications since 1945. Dedicated teams with clear responsibilities manage a closely balanced portfolio and maintain a thorough and meticulous way of operating. Showing expertise in sales and marketing, logistics and regulatory affairs. That is what we call Chemical Excellence.
  • WebsiteCompany website