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Extra gentle cleansing foam, PEG- and sulfate-free - NN 168/2.1



  • SegmentPersonal care
  • ApplicationsSkin care
  • Performance claimsCleansing
  • Physical propertiesLiquid at STP

Formulation Description

Creates a soft and creamy lather. Leaves skin feeling smooth and clean. Clear, slightly yellowish liquid. For application with finger pump foamer.


  • Company nameEvonik
  • Legal nameEvonik Industries AG
  • HeadquartersEssen, Germany
  • Number of employees1000+
  • DescriptionEvonik stands for attractive business and innovative prowess. Our corporate culture is geared toward results, profitable growth, and increasing the value of the company. Operating in over 100 countries, we benefit from close customer relationships and leading market positions. Over 32,000 employees are united by the understanding that no product is so perfect that you can't make it better.

Formulation Info

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